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Compare Instant VPN to other providers

There are many VPN providers around these days, but most have certain restrictions in place which limits the customer to enjoy the full service. Instant VPN provides a VPN service for every customer, without any restrictions and you will get high quality for a low price in return. Below you can find the differences between us and a other VPN providers and we’ll show you that we’re the best value for your needs:


Other VPN providers

Price as low as €1,49 €4,99 – €15,00
IP Addresses 25,000+ Limited
VPN Speed Unlimited Restricted
VPN Usage Unlimited Download Caps
Server Switching Unlimited Additional Charge
VPN Desktop Apps Own software for Windows Limited Availability
VPN Mobile Apps OpenVPN for Android Limited Availability
VPN Infrastructure Wrote the code, manage the network and own the servers. Outsourced Solution that relies on 3rd parties
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and more coming… Limited VPN protocols
Money Back 10 days 0-7 days
Encryption 128-256 Bit Encryption At most 128 Bit Encryption
Support 24x7x365 Support
Response under 15 minutes.
Live Chat also available
Limited Support
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Why Instant VPN

Choosing a VPN provider needn’t be a chore,
here’s reasons why you need look no further:
You’re fully covered by our no-hassle 10-Day Money Back Guarantee.